Link to ImaginationGYMs Facebook PageImaginationGYM® is an educational methodology designed to empower teachers, parents, childcare and clinical practitioners to assist in the education and emotional development of the children in their care.  ImaginationGYM® is based around a series of audio adventures that are designed to stimulate a listener’s imagination and intelligences and to integrate the left and right hemispheres of the brain which encourages whole brain learning.

Boy Listening to The Enchnated Forest by ImaginationGYMThese adventure worlds are designed to work with both children and adults and are completely non-invasive. The audio programs are a valuable tool for teaching listening skills, which is important as most education is delivered through spoken word in a classroom. The ImaginationGYM® adventure worlds aim to encourage the development of multi-faceted thought processes, especially creativity, problem-solving and independent thinking.

ImaginationGYM® has been developed through over ten years of research, the audio programs are accompanied by activity books, lesson plans and projects,workshops, practitioner manuals and training modules. This mix, coupled with the guidelines of the Methodology help determine which program is best suited for the specific user or user group. These programs become more challenging as you progress through the series.

Why do schools use ImaginationGYM®?

To-date over 80 schools in the UK and Ireland has staff that has been trained in the ImaginationGYM® methodology. Modules have also been presented in a number of 3rd level institutions at graduate and master degree level. Other 3rd level institutions are involved in ongoing research or the presentation of papers.

ImaginationGYM® focuses on two areas, the better preparation of children for the learning environment so that they can do better at all subjects and secondly the well-being development of the child so that they learn social and emotional skills during these formative years that become imbedded into adult life. In summary ImaginationGYM® helps the child to be able to take creative action and develop creative problem solving skills.